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Septoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting deviations and structural issues within the nasal septum, the partition between the two nasal cavities. Ideal for individuals experiencing obstructed airflow, chronic sinusitis, or snoring due to a misaligned septum, this procedure seeks to improve breathing functionality and enhance overall nasal structure. Dr. Jason Champagne meticulously assesses and addresses the unique anatomical needs of each patient, ensuring optimal outcomes that not only rectify breathing difficulties but also contribute to the nasal aesthetic when combined with rhinoplasty, if desired. With a focus on minimal invasiveness and patient comfort, septoplasty under Dr. Champagne’s expertise offers a pathway to improved nasal health and quality of life.

Restoring Nasal Function and Balance

The septum, an internal structure dividing the nasal passages, is crucial for unobstructed breathing. A deviated or bent septum, resulting from natural variance or injury, can significantly impair nasal airflow. In your consultation, Dr. Champagne will thoroughly assess your nasal structure to identify any septal deviations. Septoplasty, a surgical correction of the septum, is performed to rectify these issues, enhancing nasal breathing. This precise procedure is tailored to restore optimal nasal function, ensuring a significant improvement in your respiratory quality.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Septoplasty?

Candidates for septoplasty include those with:

  • Nasal airway obstruction not alleviated by medical treatments, such as nasal sprays or allergy medications.
  • Significant internal structural deformity revealed by a nasal exam contributing to symptoms.
  • Frequent nosebleeds.

Recovery Insights

Post-septoplasty, the external appearance of the nose remains unchanged, as the procedure is internal. Nasal packing is removed within the first 24 hours, followed by the removal of internal splints after a week. To facilitate healing, saline nasal rinses are recommended once nasal packing is removed. Congestion may persist for two to three weeks.

Other Beneficial Procedures

Patients undergoing septoplasty might also see improvements with additional procedures such as rhinoplasty and/or turbinate reduction, depending on their specific needs.

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