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Lip Lift vs. Lip Filler: Choosing the Right Procedure for Age-Defying Lips


The lip lift procedure has recently become very popular, with many patients coming into the office to ask about it. They’re curious about the difference between a lip lift and lip fillers. A lip lift is a surgical procedure suited for certain patients, particularly those who are aging and have an elongated upper lip. When they were younger, their lips were positioned higher, thanks to tighter skin and more collagen—factors that contribute to skin elasticity. As we age, our lips begin to thin and droop, sometimes curling under slightly, which means less of the teeth show when smiling.

During a lip lift, I make a small incision hidden right in the natural creases underneath the nose, remove a small portion of skin, and then suture the area to lift the lip upwards and outwards. This enhances the appearance of the Cupid’s bow and increases the visibility of the pink portion of the lips and their border. This procedure turns the lip up and out, which is often more suitable for aging patients as compared to lip fillers. Lip fillers add volume, but they cannot effectively lift an elongated, thinned lip. Often, no matter how skilled the injector, fillers tend to expand the lip downwards and outwards, which can look unnatural. So, for many, a lip lift is the appropriate choice. Younger patients with good skin elasticity and volume who are just seeking a bit of enhancement might find lip fillers suitable, provided their lips are not elongated or turned under.

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