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Lip Enhancement


Lip Enhancement through Dr. Champagne’s specialized techniques offers a refined approach to augmenting the natural contour and volume of the lips, achieving a harmonious balance with the facial features. This treatment is designed for individuals seeking fuller, more defined lips that complement their overall appearance. Utilizing the latest advancements in injectable fillers and techniques, such as hyaluronic acid-based products, Dr. Champagne meticulously crafts lips that not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also preserve the natural mobility and expression of the mouth. Ideal for correcting asymmetries, adding volume, or defining the lip borders, Lip Enhancement promises a boost in confidence and a rejuvenated look. Whether you’re aiming for subtle refinement or a more noticeable enhancement, Dr. Champagne tailors each treatment to meet the unique desires and expectations of his patients, ensuring results that are both beautiful and naturally you.

Personalized Lip Enhancement Strategies for Youthful Harmony

Full, defined lips signify youth and contribute to overall facial harmony. Lip enhancement, often achieved through filler treatments like Restylane® and Juvéderm®, offers a versatile solution to attain this aesthetic goal. For some, particularly aging individuals with diminished lip volume, a lip lift may provide the necessary enhancement for a balanced and youthful appearance. Despite its popularity, lip enhancement carries a spectrum of perceptions, intensified by media portrayals of exaggerated outcomes. Dr. Champagne emphasizes the importance of proportion and natural beauty, advocating for enhancements that accentuate rather than overpower one’s facial features. Through a personalized approach, he aims to achieve results that not only enhance but also integrate seamlessly with the patient’s unique facial structure. Choosing the right procedure is a collaborative process. During your consultation, Dr. Champagne evaluates your specific needs to recommend the most suitable treatment—whether it’s injectable fillers for volume and shape or a lip lift to address structural concerns—ensuring outcomes that are both aesthetically pleasing and inherently natural.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Lip Enhancement?

  • Thin, undefined lips.
  • Lacking an elevated border between the pink portion of the upper lip and the skin above.
  • Lips out of harmony with the rest of your facial features.
  • How is the Procedure Performed?

    Lip enhancement with filler injections is typically an in-office procedure but can also be performed in an operating room during a scheduled surgical procedure. When performed in the office, both topical and local numbing medications and cold packs are used for your comfort. Cold packs also help to reduce swelling.

    Recovery Insights

    Swelling in the lips can be present for up to 3 days, and use of cold compresses can help reduce the amount of swelling that occurs. Dr. Champagne takes great care to avoid bruising, but if it occurs, bruising should resolve within one week. Consider recovery time if you are planning to attend any special events.

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