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EXCLUSIVE: How to get the Meghan Markle look as she transformed after leaving the Royal Family

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Meghan Markle made a major change to her face after leaving the Royal Family and embracing her new Californian glam and a plastic surgeon has now shared how fans can copy the look

Meghan Markle has become known for her glamorous looks as she underwent a major makeover after leaving the Royal Family and moving to California.

For years, Meghan was known for sporting the same makeup look and thin eyebrows. However, she’s recently been embracing a bolder look by introducing more makeup and fuller brows.

The Duchess of Sussex showed off her sensational new style during her recent trip to Nigeria with Prince Harry. Facial plastic surgeon Dr Jason Champagne has now revealed one way fans can try and copy Meghan’s new look.

The plastic surgeon offers customers a procedure called Champagne Brows. He explained: “That’s the one that my patients from around the world are coming to see me for, but celebrities as well.

“That one is a procedure where we borrow donor hair, typically from the back of the head and then one by one transplant each hair follicle into the eyebrows to create a fuller, natural looking brow for patients who have over-tweezed, lost their brow hairs over time due to trauma from tweezing or just never had brows.”

Dr Champagne said he’s noticing more people are now “embracing that natural, full-brow look”. He added: “In my opinion, and I think many peoples opinion, it is the better sort of look for anyone’s face because it keeps you looking more youthful when you have that fuller brow and it kind of covers some of that brow bone, especially out towards the side of the eye.

“And a fuller brow also frames the face better. It frames your eyes and your nose and your other facial features a lot better and just accentuates it rather than an over-tweezed brow that sort of detracts or takes away from the facial features.”

While Dr Champagne can’t reveal who his clients are, he did tell us how much people can expect to pay for his Champagne Brows. He said: “I can tell you eyebrow transplants in general, here in the US, I would say be careful if it’s anything under around $10,000 to be honest because a good surgeon would be charging that.

“But they can go upwards from there honestly, depending on how much work. So the minimum would probably be around $10,000 [£7,890] but if you need more work, certainly they can go up from there. Keeping in mind that it’s a permanent result, that’s for the rest of your life so it’s a good investment.”

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