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Dr. Jason Champagne is responsible for the eye-popping eyebrow looks of multiple celebrities

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FULFILLING your fantasy of getting fuller eyebrows without undergoing surgery is possible, according to Dr. Jason Champagne.

Though the eyebrow transplant he performed on Chrissy Teigen cost thousands, he shared some cheaper tips for emulating her eye-popping look with The U.S. Sun.


The Beverly Hills-based doctor shared his secrets to getting perfectly sculpted brows without going under the knife.

“Getting fuller and thicker brows isn’t just a dream — it’s a reality with the right approach,” Champagne told The U.S. Sun.

“Incorporating a high-quality brow serum into your daily routine can stimulate growth,” he continued.

“Look for serums enriched with peptides and biotin for the best results.”

He explained that proper nutrition can also lead to better brows.

“A diet rich in vitamins such as B and D, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids can naturally support hair growth, helping to improve the fullness of your brows over time,” he said.


Dr. Champagne, who has performed his signature procedure, Champagne Brows, on multiple celebrities, said that it can help anyone achieve “coveted lush eyebrows.”

The transplant offers a customized approach for enhancing your natural brows.

“Using carefully selected autologous donor hair, this technique provides a permanent, natural-looking solution to thin or sparse eyebrows, tailoring the results specifically to your facial features and desired outcome,” he said.

Getting a “wow” brow look also requires necessary upkeep.

“Achieving beautiful, full eyebrows is about combining daily care with professional treatments that suit your individual needs,” he said.

Aside from Teigen, other celebrity clients who haven’t been shy about raising a toast for Dr. Champagne’s transplant include Meagan Good, Ana Bekoa, and Jen Atkin.

“Their willingness to share their stories highlights the transformative impact of this advanced technique and helps others see the potential benefits of such personalized aesthetic treatments,” he said.


The expert stressed the pivotal part eyebrows play in shaping our overall look – and showing our sentiments.

“Eyebrows are crucial for framing the face, significantly influencing how other features are perceived and contributing to overall facial balance and symmetry,” he said.

Champage Brows Procedure
His famed procedure restores brows back to their natural state.

“They enhance the expressiveness of your emotions, helping to convey feelings such as surprise or concern with clarity,” he continued.

He also explained how a well-defined eyebrow helps to accentuate what he describes as the most “prominent” facial feature – the eyes.

This leads to “aesthetic harmony,” according to Dr. Champagne.

Transforming your eyebrows can also turn back the signs of time.

What Is Eyebrow Transplant


“As natural signs of youth, full and properly shaped eyebrows can make a face appear more vibrant and youthful,” he said.

“Given their impact on both appearance and nonverbal communication, maintaining well-groomed eyebrows is essential for  anyone looking to optimize their facial features.”


He explained who the ideal candidate is for those looking to copy Chrissy Teigen’s transplant look.

This includes those who have naturally thin brows.

“Those born with sparse eyebrows can benefit greatly from the added volume and definition an eyebrow transplant provides,” he said.

If you’re guilty of over-tweezing or have scars in the eyebrow area, the procedure will help to restore your natural look.

It also offers a more permanent solution to applying makeup daily and alters eyebrow shape for those undergoing gender transition.

Patients- Champagne Brows_Journey
His more affordable tip for achieving better brows is using a high-quality serum to stimulate growth.
Champagne Brows Before & After
A before and after image shows how he is able to give over-tweezed brows a wow factor.
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