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Finding Your Fit: Dr. Champagne’s Guide to Choosing the Right Filler


Another common question I often receive, especially during minor procedures like Botox and fillers, is: ‘What type of filler is right for me?’ This isn’t a simple question to answer as it greatly depends on the specific areas you’re looking to enhance and the longevity we aim to achieve with the treatment.

For instance, around the mouth—a highly mobile and elastic area—we need fillers that are specifically suited to these dynamics. I prefer using products like Restylane Defyne or Refyne here. Restylane Defyne, in particular, is excellent because it stretches with your skin, providing elasticity that complements your natural movements, like smiling.

Underneath the eyes, in the tear trough area where the skin is much thinner and we often see volume loss, I recommend a lighter filler. Restylane Silk is ideal for this delicate area. I use it in very conservative amounts and might build up the filler over several sessions. This gradual approach helps your body adapt to the filler, ensuring it doesn’t overwhelm the sensitive eye area.

When considering treatments for enhancing the jawline or the mandibular angle, I opt for a more robust filler, such as Juvederm Voluma. Voluma is thicker, adding substantial volume and helping to enhance the width and contour of your jaw angles.

For enhancing the jaw’s angles, I might also use Radiesse, a calcium hydroxyapatite product that mimics the properties of bone. This allows for a more defined enhancement, particularly along the bone itself. I can use this or Voluma in the chin, depending on the desired outcome.

In the cheeks, both Voluma and Radiesse are options I consider, depending on the specific needs and situations. Ultimately, each case is unique, and I have a wide array of options at my disposal to address your individual concerns. To determine the best approach for your needs, it is always best to schedule a consultation with me.

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