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Understanding Champagne Brows: A Guide for Curly and Textured Hair Types

Are you considering enhancing your eyebrows with Dr. Champagne’s signature procedure, Champagne Brows, but not sure if they’re right for your hair type? This guide is here to help you understand what to expect based on your unique hair texture.

Consultation Requirement:
Individuals with curly or textured hair types must have a consultation to determine their candidacy for Champagne Brows. This ensures that the technique can be tailored to their specific hair type for optimal results.

Hair Type and Expected Results
Understanding Champagne Brows And Best Hair Types

The outcome of Champagne Brows largely depends on your hair type:

  • Straight to Wavy Hair (Types 1a to 2c): These hair types generally achieve the most natural-looking results with Champagne Brows. The texture of these hair types mimic natural eyebrow hair appearance, requiring little to no additional maintenance.

  • Loose Curls (Type 3a to 3b): If you have loose curls, you’re also likely to see good results. You might need a bit of brow gel or wax to maintain the shape and style, ensuring that your brows look neat and as intended.

  • Tighter Curls and Coily Hair (Type 3c to 4c): For those with tighter curls or coily hair, a consultation is crucial. These hair types can still achieve beautiful results, but the approach might be different, and maintenance could be more involved to keep your brows looking perfect.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Champagne will:

  • Assess your natural brow and hair texture.

  • Discuss your aesthetic goals and what you hope to achieve with Champagne Brows.

  • Explain the suitability of the procedure for your hair type and what kind of maintenance will be required post-procedure.

We want to ensure that every patient feels confident and informed about their choices, especially when it comes to a personalized procedure like Champagne Brows.

Ready to Transform Your Look?

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