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The Mirror US EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne, reveals most popular procedures

By Scarlett O’Toole
Senior Showbiz Reporter
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Fans often wonder how their favorite celebrities stay looking so good, with a top plastic surgeon now revealing some tricks of the trade.

Whether it’s Angelina Jolie’s sharp cheekbones, Demi Moore’s youthful appearance, or Meghan Markle’s glamorous makeup looks, stars are constantly making headlines for their stunning appearances. Now, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Jason Champagne has revealed how fans can also achieve the superstar look as he revealed his most popular treatments.

He told The Mirror US people are currently loving his skin tightening procedures, which are carried out using a Softwave device. This procedure helps to keep the areas around the lower jaw tight and also lifts the skin in certain areas.


Dr. Jason Champagne

Dr Champagne said he primarily uses the device over the cheekbone area. He added: “We can also tighten and lift the tissue there so it helps with areas around the mouth, that lower area that starts to get a little loose.”

The surgeon also explained how his most popular celebrity procedure right now is his Champagne Brows procedure. He told us: “That one is a procedure where we borrow donor hair, typically from the back of the head and then one by one transplant each hair follicle into the eyebrows to create a fuller, natural looking brow for patients who have over-tweezed, lost their brow hairs over time due to trauma from tweezing or just never had brows.”

He explained how having a fuller brow can “keep you looking more youthful”. Dr Champagne added: “A fuller brow also frames the face better. It frames your eyes and your nose and your other facial features a lot better and just accentuates it rather than an over-tweezed brow that sort of detracts or takes away from the facial features.”

Dr Champagne also carries out a lot of chin implant procedures. He told The Mirror US: “Mandibular and chin implants enhance the appearance of the angle of the mandible, of your jaw, so we can improve that angularity. Some people have a straighter sort of high running mandible and don’t have that nice crisp angle and that angular look is very popular in Hollywood.”

He added: “The implants, the ones that I do, are custom made implants. So we take a 3D CT scan of the patient’s skull and then I use that 3D scan of their skull to create an implant and we make a model of an implant that fits specifically to that person.”

With these implants, Dr Champagne can make the jaw wider, project the chin, or change the height of the chin. He told us: “We can really change the dimensions of the lower part of the face with these implants and the good thing about them is they are permanent.

“So if you do choose to have a permanent change, you can have that change for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be removed later and exchanged for a new one.”

Dr Jason also performs forehead reduction, which is also known as a hairline lowering procedure. This procedure is carried out on patients who have a high hairline, meaning the distance from the middle of the eyebrows to the hairline is much higher from the bottom of the nose to the eyebrows and from the bottom of the chin to the bottom of the nose.

The surgeon said: “If that distance is significantly larger, it throws your balance off and you have asymmetry of the face. So what I do is I make an incision right at the hairline and follow the natural irregularities of the hairline and then I remove a portion of the forehead and then I advance the scalp with all of that thick hair forward, remove that part of the forehead and then suture that incision line down to the forehead.” The procedure takes around two hours to complete and gives permanent results.

For those wondering how much all of this can cost, Dr Champagne admitted “there’s such a range” and said each of his treatments are “individualized”. He said: “So for example, I can tell you eyebrow transplants in general, here in the US, I would say be careful if it’s anything under around $10,000 to be honest because a good surgeon would be charging that.

“But they can go upwards from there honestly, depending on how much work. So the minimum would probably be around $10,000 but if you need more work, certainly they can go up from there. Keeping in mind that it’s a permanent result, that’s for the rest of your life so it’s a good investment.”

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