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Champagne Customized Jaw and Chin Implant: Tailored Solutions for Symmetrical Beauty

Dr. Champagne Custom Chin & Jaw Implants
Dr. Jason Champagne

One of the most popular procedures I’ve been performing for the last several years is my Champagne customized jaw and chin implant. This specific, unique procedure attracts patients from around the globe because it offers a level of customization that is not commonly found in the field of facial plastic surgery. The procedure reestablishes symmetry and harmony to the face, making it ideal for patients with asymmetry of the jaw angles, jawline, or chin, as well as those with weaker chin structure or projection that doesn’t provide a pleasing profile view.

The Process

What sets the Champagne customized jaw and chin implant apart is the meticulous process we use to create the implant. We start by taking a 3D CT scan of the patient’s skull. This scan allows us to create a completely customized implant that fits the patient’s bone structure like a glove. Every nook and cranny, every irregularity of the bone structure, is perfectly matched to the backside of the implant I create.

Comparison to Standard Implants

Standard implants, in my opinion and experience, do not offer the same level of precision and fit. These implants typically come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Because each patient’s bone structure is unique, these standard sizes often fail to provide an optimal fit. Additionally, the backside of standard implants is very flat, which does not accommodate the natural irregularities of the bone structure.

When it comes to jaw angle implants or mandibular implants, I have found that standard implants have a tendency to not fit properly. They can shift, rock, or simply not fit just right. This is why I prefer to use customized implants, which are tailored specifically to each patient’s anatomy.

Chin Implants

For patients who choose a standard chin implant, I do perform this procedure. However, especially for female patients, I often shave the sides of the standard implant to better fit the patient’s profile and bone structure. This ensures a more natural and harmonious result.


The main differences between my customized implants and standard implants lie in the fit and customization. Customized implants provide a tailored solution that fits the unique bone structure of each patient, resulting in a more natural and stable outcome. If you are considering a jaw or chin implant, it’s essential to understand the benefits of a customized approach to achieve the best possible results.

Dr. Jason Champagne Custom Facial Filler Before and After Chin Contouring

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