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New Year, New You

Everyone knows that the new year is a time for reflecting on past events and setting new goals and resolutions. And for many people, that begins by enhancing their outward appearance, because for a lot of us, feeling confident and healthy inside is directly affected by how we perceive ourselves on the outside.

So in order to help you achieve your new year’s goals and resolutions, expert double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne, offers many procedures to give you the confidence you need to make this year one for the books.

For Enhancing Your Skin

Procedures like these help reduce pore size, smooth texture, remove brown spots, boost collagen production, and decrease the appearance of fine lines. They are a great alternative for someone who wants a more advanced skin treatment than their current skincare regimen.

Clear + Brilliant

Champagne Glow: Fractionated Skin Exfoliation

The Youth Regenerating Facial

For Enhancing Your Facial Structure and Symmetry

The procedures listed below help you achieve a strong and healthy appearance by creating a more symmetrical face shape, both top to bottom and side to side, and sharpening certain facial elements to help create a more youthful look. They are perfect for someone who may not know exactly which areas of their face may be best to enhance their overall appearance.

Custom Chin/Jaw Implants


Cheek Augmentation

For Enhancing Your Hairline

As we age, many of us typically deal with hair loss. Even if you aren’t dealing with hair loss, some of us have high hairlines, are trying to hide surgical scarring, or are looking to change their look all together with facial hair transplants (beard/eyebrow). These procedures are perfect for someone who is suffering from an asymmetrical facial appearance or someone who is looking to find a completely natural-looking alternative for hair restoration.

Hair Transplant (Hairline, Beard, Eyebrow)

Hairline Lowering

Please contact our office to find out more about how you can help achieve your new look and new year’s goals with any one of our cosmetic procedures.

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