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How To Correct A Double Chin

So many of our patients come in with the concern asking about what they can do to fix their double chin. First things first though, we want to share that having a double chin isn’t always weight related. Other factors like genetics, age, and even posture can also factor into a double chin. Luckily, there are ways to combat this unwanted feature, and like our other procedures, it’s always best to consult with our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne, to figure out which procedure and plan of action is right for your individual needs and goals.

What Is It And What Can Be Done To Correct A Double Chin?

A double chin is excess fat (submental fat) that sits just below your jawline and can make your chin less prominent, throwing off your facial balance. To correct this issue, we offer a few procedures to help alleviate and correct this problem area.

First up, procedures like our Neck Lift can be performed as part of another beneficial procedure, the Lower Facelift. However, a Neck Lift can also be utilized alone to treat patients with sagging or thick skin of the neck and an otherwise youthful-appearing face. During the Neck Lift procedure, Dr. Champagne performs Neck Liposuction in addition to tightening the skin to remove excess fat deposits and help smooth the skin surface. It is an excellent option to achieve a more defined neck angle.

Another set of procedures to help correct a double chin are our Custom Jaw and Chin Implants. These procedures help improve your lower facial contour and chin profile by securing a customized facial implant to your mandible (jaw bone), strengthening your jawline and enhancing your jaw angle while helping to balance your facial symmetry.

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Surgery may not be the only option to correct a double chin as well. One can practice exercises at home and anecdotally, things such as head tilts, forward jaw stretches, and tongue lifts have been known to work, but our procedural offerings have the most significant and quickest improvements to your appearance, and all have achieved a very high patient satisfaction rate.

If you’re looking to correct your double chin, please contact our office to schedule a personalized, confidential consultation with our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne. During your consultation, Dr. Champagne will address your goals and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedures listed above or any other procedures we offer.

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