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Hairline Lowering vs. Hair Transplantation

Which one’s right for me?

Choosing whether to get a hairline lowering (often referred to as forehead reduction or hairline advancement) or a hair transplantation procedure to rejuvenate your hairline isn’t quite based on choice. Each has their advantages and benefits but each also has specific requirements in order to be a good candidate for each of the different procedures.

What is the difference between Hairline Lowering and Hair Transplantation?

First, you must understand what each procedure is in order to differentiate between the two.

Hair Transplantation 

Dr Jason Champagne Hair Transplantation Before and After

Through techniques known as Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) and/or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), hair transplantation procedures involve moving individual hair follicles from an area of greater density on the back of the scalp to areas that have thinned over time. Because it involves moving individual hair follicles, Dr. Champagne is able to achieve a look that gives your hair improved thickness while appearing completely natural. 

Hairline Lowering (Forehead Reduction)

Dr Jason Champagne Hairline Lowering Before and After

Hairline lowering is a procedure that is both very effective and efficient at lowering the height of the hairline. The typical hairline begins somewhere between 5 to 6.5 centimeters above the brows, and a hairline above this height can cause the face to appear disproportionate. During the procedure, Dr. Champagne creates an incision at your natural hairline and removes a portion of your forehead tissue to advance your scalp, ultimately lowering your hairline in the process. There are many factors that play a role in surgical planning for hairline lowering including scalp laxity, hair thickness and density at the hairline, the direction of natural exit of your hair, and even previous surgery.  If you are concerned about the incision at the hairline, no need to worry, Dr. Champagne has perfected his technique and is able to completely camouflage the incision behind your hairline to give you a completely natural look.

Which one is right for me?

Whether you are male or female, the quality and quantity of your hair can be a source of great concern and anxiety in social situations. While both procedures can alleviate your concerns and can change your hairline, each procedure differs greatly. 

Typically, hair transplantation at the hairline is a great procedure to combat male pattern or female pattern baldness in patients with a history of having gradual, hereditary hair loss not related to a medical condition or for patients who have hair loss from trauma. It is also great for both men and women looking to hide scarring near the hairline. Hair transplantation is also very effective at correcting thin, patchy, or absent facial hair and can be performed on the eyebrows, mustache, or beard area. 

Hairline lowering can provide more drastic results and moves much greater numbers of hair in one procedure than hair transplantation to help balance the proportion of your face if you’re suffering from a disproportionately high hairline. Other factors such as density of hair at the hairline and natural exit of hair can be addressed and treated. 

Good candidates for hairline lowering surgery include women with a naturally high hairline or large forehead who otherwise have thick hair and no personal or familial history of hair loss. Men with a high hairline or large forehead can also be good candidates for hairline lowering surgery if they have a thick hairline and no personal or family history of hair loss. Good scalp laxity and hair density is important, and therefore, a detailed consultation and examination with Dr. Champagne is necessary. 

For example, if you have thinning hair in the temple region, Dr. Champagne will usually recommend adding hair transplantation to improve density in that area. In the event that you have minimal laxity to your scalp, you may need two procedures to achieve your goals but can still be a good candidate for hairline lowering. The first procedure would involve stretching your scalp with a balloon-type tissue expander followed by a second procedure to lower the hairline. Rest assured, Dr. Champagne takes great care to individualize your procedure no matter which one is right for you.   

What to expect?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Champagne will review your medical history and perform a physical exam. And to determine your treatment options and candidacy for either hair transplantation or hairline lowering, Dr. Champagne will examine and measure areas of your scalp to determine quality, density, and texture of your hair as well as the number of grafts that will be required for desirable results if he recommends hair transplantation as a suitable option.

Please contact Dr. Jason Champagne to schedule a personalized, confidential consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Champagne will address your goals and answer any questions you may have regarding hairline lowering or hair transplantation procedures.

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