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Trust an Expert – Hairline Lowering and Hair Transplantation

With years of experience and having co-authored a book chapter on the subject, hair restoration expert Dr. Jason Champagne brings his knowledge, skill, and artistry into the lives of his patients. Patients worldwide seek out Dr. Champagne’s expertise when it comes to restoring their hairline whether it be an inherited high hairline or large forehead or from natural balding through the years.   

In general, there are two procedures that can be utilized to restore and/or lower the height of the hairline. Hairline lowering and hair transplantation (either Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)) procedures are both very efficient and effective methods of correcting issues with the hairline and forehead. The approach to correcting your hairline concerns is dependent on your unique characteristics and the history of your hair pattern, and Dr. Champagne will recommend the best method or combination of methods for your specific needs.

Hairline Lowering

Dr Jason Champagne Hairline Lowering Before and After

Hair Transplantation

1 Dr Jason Champagne Hair Transplantation Before and After

Not only did Dr. Champagne train under the very surgeon who made huge strides with hair restoration procedures, Dr. Champagne has developed his own style that encourages the individuality of his patients. He knows not everyone’s hairline is the same and not everyone wants the same exact results. His expertise allows him to completely customize the needs of his patients and choose a plan of action that will give them the realistic goals they seek. He does so with the following steps:

1. Initial Consult and Assessment:

To select appropriate patients, Dr. Champagne will ask specific questions about your medical history and perform a thorough examination of your scalp with a focus on the evaluation of scalp laxity, direction of hair exit and pattern of your hairline. 

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2. Preoperative Planning:

Dr. Champagne will discuss your goals and expectations with you and will design a new hairline, along with your input, that will restore balance and improved symmetry to your face.

3. Surgical Technique:

After deciding upon the appropriate procedure(s) for your specific needs, Dr. Champagne will discuss with you the details of the procedure(s) including pre and post-operative expectations. 

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Please contact Dr. Jason Champagne to schedule a personalized, confidential consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Champagne will address your goals and answer any questions you may have regarding any of our hairline restoration procedures, including hairline lowering and hair transplantation, or any other procedures we offer.

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