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Get A Head Start On How To Take Care Of Your Skin

Leave aging to fine wine. When it comes to skin care, it’s best to adopt a skincare regimen early in life. Not only does this give you more time to combat and reverse natural aging accelerators, like sun damage, air pollution, sleep deprivation, and so many more, but adoption of a regular skincare regimen that goes beyond just regular cleansing and moisturizing has magnificent effects on how your skin looks later in life. So, on doctor’s orders, check out some of the best procedures we offer here at the offices of expert double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne; all of which you shouldn’t wait to start until you’re in your 40’s/50’s+.

1. Skincare 101 – Non-Surgical Procedures Best For Your Skin

We like to offer many services to help your skin look fresher and more youthful. Procedures like our Youth-Regenerating Facial and our Champagne Radiance: Fractionated Skin Exfoliation procedures are methods of turning over old skin cells and stimulating collagen production to improve the texture and brightness of the skin. They also improve and reduce pigmentation to help balance skin tone, leaving the skin glowing. Usually performed as a series of treatments, procedures like these can fit nicely into your regular skincare regimen and lead to outstanding results.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Injections – We Promise, They Are Worth It

People often associate Botox® or Filler injections with windswept and frozen facial features. We don’t do that here, but we do work with your individual goals and concerns to help you achieve the best and most natural looking results. Since Dr. Champagne has performed countless injections, and having developed his own micro-droplet technique, he is able to use injectables to accentuate your features without making them look out of place. For example, with our Customized Facial Contouring Filler procedure, he is able to improve and reduce fine lines and wrinkles and add volume to lips as well as flattened or hollowed cheeks and temple areas; again, without it looking irregular or unusual. With any of our injectable routines, regain your youth and allow us to help turn back the clocks and enhance your natural beauty.

Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or living in your best years of life, it is never too late to begin a new skincare regimen, but it is best to get ahead of it if you’re able to. Please contact our office to schedule a personalized, confidential consultation with our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne, during which he will answer any of your skincare concerns and go through the many options we offer to help you get your skin looking more youthful and healthy.

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