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DAILY NEWS – Dr. Champagne, Known For Creating Chrissy Teigen And Meagan Good’s Distinct Eyebrow Shapes

Daily News | Dr. Champagne | Chrissy Teigen

A prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon explains that a little nip/tuck goes a long way—but cautions that excessive Botox can compromise an actor’s ability to express emotions. “I have a lot of celebrity patients,” says Dr. Jason Champagne, “and they still need to emote.”

Dr. Champagne, known for creating Chrissy Teigen and Meagan Good’s distinct eyebrow shapes, emphasizes that while many actors seek cosmetic enhancements, maintaining facial mobility is crucial. “The goal should be to have lines but not as deep,” he adds. According to him, it’s easy to spot “bad plastic surgery,” which is why he typically avoids watching red carpets at award shows, “unless I have patients there,” he remarks humorously.

His area of expertise is the eyebrow hair transplant, a detailed procedure he has branded as “Champagne Brows.” This involves transferring hair from the back of the scalp to enhance the eyebrows—a surgical treatment that requires careful planning and execution.

Dr. Champagne also notes that certain trends, like the removal of buccal fat, are gaining traction on social media, which he views with concern. Removing this small fat pad from the cheek can cause a ‘hollow’ appearance as patients age. He advises thorough consultation and a conservative approach: “The onus is on the practitioner to do the right thing for the patient in a way that looks natural and doesn’t appear overdone.”

While he still uses Botox for some patients, Dr. Champagne is careful to avoid the ‘frozen’ look. “I don’t want that frozen look. I ask patients to move their foreheads, raise their eyebrows, and scowl,” he explains. This helps him assess the strength of the facial muscles and determine the appropriate amount of Botox to use, ensuring results that look both effective and natural.

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