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Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Times

Although recovery times will vary depending on the patient, the type of procedure that is performed, or the number of procedures that are performed at one time, Dr. Jason Champagne practices techniques that allow for the least invasive way to perform the procedures he offers. This means less downtime for you.

Being an expert and double board-certified in facial plastic, reconstructive, and head and neck surgery, Dr. Champagne is seasoned and knowledgeable about certain techniques that will allow faster recovery times for his patients. In addition to developing his own techniques, Dr. Champagne is delicate with every procedure he performs, whether that is a minimally invasive procedure like Clear + Brilliant or a more robust procedure like a custom chin and jaw implant. He performs at an extremely high level in order to give his patients the most comfortable recovery and best results possible.

Because he knows how important each patients’ individual facial structure and appearance is, Dr. Champagne offers his expertise to find the best plan of action to create completely natural-looking results, and during your consultation, he will work with you to create a custom program to help you alleviate your concerns and achieve your goals.

Please contact our office to schedule a personalized, confidential consultation with our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne. During your consultation, Dr. Champagne will address your goals, answer any questions you may have regarding any of the procedures we offer and will be better able to give you an idea of the recovery time it takes for a procedure specific to your need.

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