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Although eyebrows may not be the first thing you notice about another person’s face, science tells us that the brows play a vital role in helping us to recognize each other. They are also instrumental tools to use for conveying our intentions and emotions to others. Beyond that, they add to our beauty and appeal (via Science Direct). Furthermore, our eyebrows have the capacity to make us look youthful or old, depending on how we trim, style, and groom them.

There are many subtle nuances to understand about shaping your eyebrows. It’s possible to make mistakes with your eyebrow grooming that can unnecessarily give the illusion that you’re older than your actual age. Here’s a rundown of possible ways you could be sabotaging your eyebrows and inadvertently making yourself look older. The good news is that these eyebrow mistakes all have solutions, so we’ve included suggestions for fixes to help you understand your options.

Too Aggressive With Plucking

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In the 1990s, many people went overboard with tweezing their eyebrows to emulate trendsetting celebrities like Pamela Anderson. But now the skinny eyebrows trend has passed, and continuing with overplucking is an eyebrow mistake. According to aesthetic facial plastic and hair restoration surgeon Dr. Jason Champagne, skimpy brows can make you appear older. Dr. Champagne told Express, “Full eyebrows always give the impression of youth, and on the opposite end of that is a thin, over-tweezed brow that exposes the brow bone.”

Dr. Jason Champagne offers additional insights, telling Express, “In order to keep your eyes looking refreshed and awake, the tail of your brow (the part that tapers at the side of your face) should end at a height above that of the beginning of your brow (near your nose).” The most important takeaway: If you use makeup to fill in your eyebrow tails, be sure to keep them in the correct proportion and height to ensure you end up with the intended result of looking younger.

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