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Dr. Jason Champagne is the premier expert in his field for eyebrow hair transplant surgery and is famous for giving people the eyebrows they have always desired. His trademarked Champagne Brows® procedure is extremely popular among his patients. Dr. Champagne has shifted the landscape of how eyebrows can be sculpted and defined by transplanting hair into the brow area for more symmetrical and alluring brows, and has completely transformed his patients’ natural look by simply changing the design of their eyebrows.

Dr. Champagne is globally respected and one of the most elite surgeons in his field, utilizing years of surgical experience to create impeccable brows and has perfected the method for which he is famous. He offers appointments in his Beverly Hills clinic for those interested in this beautiful way to have perfect eyebrows that naturally frame the eyes and face.

Why Dr. Champagne?

Socialites, movie stars and the media have taken notice of Dr. Champagne’s brow procedure, Champagne Brows®, which is now bringing people from all over the world to Beverly Hills for a consultation. Dr. Champagne enhances his patients’ natural look with an eyebrow design that complements their own features. Dr. Champagne is a facial plastic and hair restoration surgeon with the eye and technique of a true artist. His meticulous nature and attention to detail allow him to achieve unsurpassed results for his patients. 

What makes Dr. Champagne the best?

Dr. Champagne’s eyebrow transplants were developed from years of studying technique, eyebrow shapes, hair patterns and facial balance. His expertise and excellent reputation follow his perfecting facial shapes with the most complementary look, giving patients an attractive and full set of eyebrows that fit their facial features.

Eyebrows are a defining feature of our faces but are sometimes overlooked. People struggle with unbalanced, over-tweezed, tattooed or poorly designed eyebrows. They seek out Dr. Champagne for his Champagne Brows ® procedure because everyone wants the most complimentary, customized eyebrows. With those concerns in mind, the Champagne Brows ® procedure differs from other eyebrow transplantations primarily because of the surgeon who is performing it. Enter Dr. Jason Champagne.

The reason that Dr. Jason Champagne has a line out the door for Champagne Brows® is all about his results. He understands defining points of the brow as well as the nuances of hair flow and angle of hair exit from the skin which, when combined with his artistry, gives him the ability to achieve results very few surgeons can. Dr. Champagne also has an elegant manner and is a consummate professional. The doctor’s skilled hands and eye for detail place him in the elite category of “best in class.”

KatieCorio ChampagneBrows

What do patients need to know before they come in?

You may have an idea of how you want your new brows to look. Dr. Champagne meticulously draws a suggested brow shape on patients during both the consultation and before surgery to ensure his patient is happy with the length, width, arch and peak. With your input, Dr. Champagne will personally design your eyebrows to achieve a precise, desired look.

Some patients have heard concerns of new hair follicles growing in different directions, making transplantations look unnatural. This problem occurs when there is a lack of attention to design detail and a lack of hair growth knowledge.

This is why you go to the doctor with the most experience:

Dr. Champagne has performed this procedure on numerous patients from around the world, and those in the spotlight are some of his most frequent patients. Celebrities seek him out because he understands one’s original, natural hair growth and “crafts” the preferred result designed to complement the patient.

Dr. Champagne takes great care to place each and every hair in the proper direction and at the correct angle, to achieve unsurpassed results.

Patients interested in Champagne Brows® tend to be those who want a cosmetic change due to over-tweezing, or they may have naturally sparse brow hairs. Many of these patients have undergone microblading or tattooing of the eyebrow but are left unhappy with the results due to the tendency of the pigment to fade, spread and/or change color, leaving the brows with a very unnatural look.


Medical Patients

Dr. Champagne also works with patients suffering from trichotillomania, and will work with them only after they have sought out professional treatment and stopped pulling their hair for at least one year. In addition, some patients are those who have suffered injuries, which may have resulted in scarring of the brow area, or cancer patients.

A thorough consultation with Dr. Champagne will confirm whether you are a suitable candidate for Champagne Brows ®.

Dr. Champagne recently performed Champagne Brows ® on Katie Corio, a well-known Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and fitness influencer

Those who followed Chrissy Teigen’s journey remember “welcome, new brow hairs.” Her close friend, celebrity hairdresser Jen Atkin, vlogged about her brow transplant surgery on YouTube, which also details the process. 

Here are some more frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can you perform Champagne Brows ® over microblading?

“Yes, previous microblading or tattooing is not a contraindication to having an eyebrow transplant; however, scar tissue from the process of microblading or tattooing can somewhat reduce the anticipated regrowth of hair.”

Can hairs from the body be used for Champagne Brows ®?

“Patients have requested using body hair for eyebrow donor hair. From years of experience, I do not recommend this, based on the unreliability of hair regrowth and associated scarring and reduced density. Oftentimes, there is too big a difference in trying to match texture.”

What is the maintenance like for Champagne Brows ®?

“When I perform the surgery, I make sure to place the transplanted hair so that it grows in a pattern that closely resembles the way your brows would naturally grow. You will need to train the transplanted hair to behave somewhat like eyebrow hair. The transplanted hair will grow like it’s still on the back of the scalp. You will need to trim the transplanted hair from time to time, to keep it groomed. Once the hair grows in, you can apply makeup, gels and/or waxes as you would your natural eyebrows.”

If you could give one important piece of advice post-Champagne Brows® surgery, what would it be?

“The most important precaution in the recovery phase is to not touch the transplanted hairs for the first five days. Avoiding touching your eyebrows keeps the brow hairs in the position in which they were placed and also reduces your risk of infection. After seven to ten days, the crusts (scabs) where your grafts were placed will start to fall. Your transplanted hairs will naturally shed over the next few weeks, and your brows will return to their original pre-surgery appearance except for some mild redness where the transplants were placed. This is totally normal. Avoid the sun for the first month after your transplant, and if you do go out, wear a hat to keep them in the shade.”

 Champagne Brows® offer a permanent way to fill in and reshape the brow. If you are considering undergoing Champagne Brows®, Dr. Champagne offers a virtual or in-office consultation for the procedure at his Beverly Hills, California office.

Jason Champagne,M.D.

9400 Brighton Way, Penthouse Suite
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