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New Beauty | Achieving a Strong Jawline: Professional Insights into Enhancement Techniques.

The jawline, a pivotal element in facial structure, not only frames and anchors other features but also significantly influences overall facial aesthetics. It’s particularly impactful in defining the chin and lower face contours. In men, a prominent jawline often symbolizes masculinity, confidence, and strength.

However, not everyone naturally possesses a robust, square jaw reminiscent of comic book heroes or celebrities like Brad Pitt. For those looking to augment a less pronounced jawline, a myriad of choices exists, encompassing both surgical procedures and non-invasive treatments.

If you’re seeking a permanent solution for jaw enhancement, silicone implants are a common choice. Typically, these implants are placed along the jawline or in the chin to enhance facial definition. For jaw implants, surgeons often make an incision inside the mouth, which helps to avoid visible scarring. Patients generally can return to normal activities within a week, with full results visible once swelling fully subsides, usually around the three-month mark.

Dr. Champagne provides detailed insights into this process: “For a permanent enhancement of the mandible (jaw), patients can opt for a customized silicone implant. These patient-specific implants are firm but pliable and are created using 3D CT scan imaging of the individual patient’s skull. They can be shaped to various sizes to enhance both the width and height at the angles of the mandible as well as sharpen the lower mandibular border (aka jawline). Chin projection can also be improved for those individuals who have a weak chin on profile.”

He further explains the advantages of custom implants: “As an aesthetic facial plastic surgeon, the most important aspect of customized implants that makes them superior, as compared to standard-sized implants, is that they are made to fit every contour of the patient’s mandible allowing for a seamless transition from bone to implant.”

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