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Dr. Champagne Answers Your Most Commonly Asked Plastic Surgery Questions


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In this interview, Dr. Champagne, a double board-certified aesthetic facial plastic surgeon, answers some of the most commonly asked questions from readers about plastic surgery. He addresses whether there has been an increase in requests for facial surgery reversals and which procedures are most commonly reversed. Dr. Champagne also discusses the current trend of the “snatched” look and the procedures involved in achieving it. He further shares insights on the most in-demand surgery in his practice, the current trends in plastic surgery, and whether procedures that are no longer in style can be reversed or modified. Additionally, he offers his professional opinion on patients who want a certain procedure that he disagrees with and provides recommendations for patients who want to look like a specific celebrity.

1. Have you seen an increase in requests for facial surgery reversals? If so, which procedures are most commonly reversed?

I haven’t seen a specific increase in requests for reversing facial procedures, and in fact, many to most are not reversible. I do sometimes see patients who are not happy with their results after having gone to other injectors to have their lips, chins, and other areas enhanced with hyaluronic acid fillers. These types of procedures are the most common to be reversed and are done so with the use of an enzyme called hyaluronidase. It is important to mention that it’s imperative patients seek out board-certified specialists when considering any facial cosmetic procedure so that they can be appropriately evaluated for candidacy, especially for procedures that are non-reversible like buccal fat excision for example. This procedure, which removes a portion of fat from the cheeks to create a slimming look, became a recent trend which has been overly performed since not everyone is a good candidate for buccal fat removal.

2. Can you explain the current trend of the “snatched” look that many celebrities have and which procedures are involved in achieving this look?

The “snatched” look is a recent trend where the person’s face around the eyes, cheekbones and lower face are tightened, accentuated and/or pulled by various methods to achieve a sharpened, slimmer look to the face. These methods can be a simple hairstyle that pulls the hair in a tight ponytail or taping methods that attach to the skin and are pulled backward and covered with makeup. Non-surgical procedures like facial sculpting with filler injectables and botulinum toxin (i.e. Botox) as well as surgical procedures like a brow lift and facelift can also achieve the look.

3. What is the most in-demand surgery in your practice currently, and what are the current trends in plastic surgery?

The most in-demand surgery in my practice is my signature Champagne Brows procedure. This procedure is a technique where I transplant hair from one area of my patient’s body (typically the scalp) into their eyebrows to achieve a fuller, more shapely, and permanent eyebrow.

The current trends in plastic surgery are focused on achieving a more youthful, natural look, and many patients are coming in at an earlier age than in the past in order to have procedures that are more preventative of the signs of aging. These procedures include things like in-office skin tightening using radiofrequency-generated heat or mild lasers. Also, botulinum toxin (i.e. Botox) can be used to prevent wrinkles before they form, and I’m seeing more patients in their mid-to-late 20’s coming in to have this procedure.

4. If a procedure that a patient had done is no longer in style, what options do they have? Can it be reversed or modified?

As I mentioned above, not many procedures can be reversed, but some trends like the “Russian Lip” where filler is used to create a specific lip enhancement look can be reversed with the use of hyaluronidase. In my practice, I perform procedures that will achieve a more youthful, natural look that will be timeless and not procedures that are in-style.

5. Are there any plastic surgery procedures that are currently not in style or have become less popular?

One procedure that has certainly become less popular in the past few years is PDO threading. This is an in-office technique that passes sutures below the skin surface in various areas of the face like the cheeks or nose to achieve a lifted and/or tightened appearance. The results, however, are not long lasting and can cause scarring beneath the skin that can make a more effective surgical procedure like a facelift much more difficult to perform.

6. When a patient wants a certain procedure but you, as a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, disagree, do you offer your professional opinion or proceed with their wishes?

I will always give my expert, professional recommendation even if that recommendation is to do nothing at all.

7. If a patient wants to look like a specific celebrity, what recommendations would you make to help them achieve their desired look?

It is very important to understand that each person’s facial features are unique, and therefore, attempting to look like someone else should not be the goal. However, there are instances, such as with my Champagne Brows procedure, where patients will bring in examples of one or more celebrities’ brows, and I can take inspiration from the examples to achieve a look that best complements the patient’s own facial features and proportions.

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