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Benefits Of A Neck Lift

Normally, a neck lift procedure is done in part with a lower facelift to obtain optimal results and a greater age ‘reversal’. But the neck lift procedure can be performed as a standalone operation and have wonderful results for patients looking to fix issues with sagging or thick skin of the neck yet have an otherwise youthful-appearing face.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

In order to see the greatest results with our Neck Lift procedure, patients typically range in their 40s or older. These patients often are looking to correct and tighten sagging neck skin by softening neck wrinkles which offers smoothing of the skin that is typically found with a more youthful appearance. Anyone with the following features may be a good candidate, but it is best to schedule a consultation with expert double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne, to see if a Neck Lift is the correct procedure to help alleviate your concerns.

– Excess, sagging skin of the neck and under the chin
– Excess fat in the neck and under the chin
– Youthful appearing lower face (jowls, jawline and sides of mouth)
– Overall good health
– Non-smoker

During your consultation, Dr. Champagne will listen to your goals and create a best plan of action to achieve the best results. This plan may include your procedure of choice, or a combination of procedures that may be more beneficial to your appearance. If a Neck Lift suits your goals, Dr. Champagne performs neck liposuction in most instances in addition to tightening the skin to remove excess fat deposits and help smooth the skin surface. It is an excellent option to treat the neck “waddle” and achieve a more defined neck angle.

Please contact our office to schedule a private and individualized consultation to find out if a Neck Lift is right for you. With realistic goals and expectations, Dr. Champagne can help you take years off your appearance and help you regain your confidence in the way you look.

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