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Travel-Free Consultations – Dr. Champagne Offers Online Consults

No one likes holiday travel. Yes, it’s always worth it once you’ve arrived at your destination, but grappling with the airport crowds, potential lost luggage, and long wait times can really make you think twice about jet setting during the holidays. But if you’re itching to get a head start on enhancing your appearance in the new year, we here at the office of double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne, are happy to offer you alternatives to in-person consultations.

How Our Online Consultation Process Works

Still, in the current climate of social distancing, we here at the office of Dr. Jason Champagne are happy to offer virtual consultation solutions for planning future procedures. During your consultation, Dr. Champagne can get a better understanding of what you’d like to achieve. He can also create a plan for your eventual travel, procedure, and follow up, ensuring you receive the best all-around care possible.

First, you should fill out the online consultation form from your phone or computer, and tell Dr. Champagne about yourself and your aesthetic goals. After that, our patient coordinator will contact you to schedule an online video conference with Dr. Champagne and will request you submit photos of your current appearance. Lastly, after your online consultation, our patient coordinator will contact you with a cost estimate. If you decide to move forward, we will then schedule an in-person consultation with you as soon as permitted.

So, whether you’re looking into non-surgical procedures like any of our injectable or skin-enhancing procedures, or if you’re looking into a procedure that is a bit more invasive, like our popular Champagne Brows or Custom Chin and Jaw Implantation procedure, an online consultation is the best place to begin in order to push travel away from the holidays. As always, please contact our office to schedule an online consultation with Dr. Champagne, or feel free to ask any questions regarding any of our surgical or non-surgical procedures.

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