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What You Can and Cannot Do Before Facial Plastic Surgery

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Features Editor · Nov 28, 2022

An important part of having a cosmetic procedure is following the doctor’s pre- and post-care recommendations to the letter. Before, during and after your surgery you’ll want to protect your investment to ensure the best possible result. For facial surgery, sometimes that means putting your other skin care and anti-aging treatments on pause and veering from your regimen. Here, top plastic surgeons share which tools and treatments you can and cannot use before and after facial surgery to ensure the best results.

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”The most important things to avoid prior to facial plastic surgery procedures are medications that thin the blood including, but not limited to, aspirin, motrin, ibuprofen and advil starting two weeks prior to surgery. If you use nicotine products, these should be stopped a minimum of four weeks prior to surgery, but you should discuss this with your doctor as recommendations vary. Alcohol should also be avoided starting a minimum of one week prior to surgery,” says Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne.

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