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Are You Happy with Your Hairline?

As we age, especially men, we begin to see our hairlines retreat from where they once were. And not just that, our hair begins to thin and flatten as a result. This can lower your confidence and cause anxiety.

Luckily, in order to combat the causes that are making your hairline disappear, often times due to genetics, regular hair loss or even prior surgery, there are procedures such as hair transplants and hairline lowering, known as forehead reduction or hairline advancement, that can help get your face back to its more proportioned and aesthetically balanced look. And even if you’re lucky enough to not have been stricken with genetic hair loss or a disproportionately large forehead, these procedures can also help if you aren’t satisfied with the shape of your hairline.

7 Dr Jason Champagne Hairline Lowering Before and After

Having a disproportionately high hairline or large forehead can divert attention from one’s otherwise balanced facial features and weigh heavily on a person’s self-esteem. Many of these individuals resort to wearing certain hairstyles that camouflage their high hairlines. With board certified facial plastic surgeon and one of the world’s leading hair restoration experts, Dr. Jason Champagne, take comfort in knowing he’ll design a hairline that best fits the shape of your face and will help bring an overall balance to your facial appearance. 

If you’re not happy with your hairline and want to get back to the face you once looked at in the mirror, discover the procedures that can help you regain your confidence. Please contact our office to schedule a personalized, confidential consultation with our expert facial plastic and hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Jason Champagne, where he will address your goals and answer any questions you may have regarding any hair restoration procedures we offer.

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