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Get fuller and completely natural looking eyebrows.

There has been quite an ongoing search to discover the perfect solution for creating perfectly sculpted eyebrows, and thicker, fuller eyebrows are currently very desirable. This sometimes overlooked facial feature is important not only for facial expression and communication but full eyebrows are one of the most important components that frame your face and balance facial structure.

As new trends come and go to achieve fuller and thicker eyebrows, one option that has become increasingly frequent and popular in our practice is eyebrow hair transplants. These transplant techniques have made huge strides over the past decade and provide completely natural-looking, permanent results while helping give you control over the design of your brows to create the look you want and need to frame your face.

What is the process of an eyebrow hair transplant?

Dr. Champagne is an expert hair restoration surgeon who has published peer-reviewed book chapters on hairline lowering and hair transplantation, continually staying up to date on the latest technologies in the field. 

And with all hair transplantation procedures and even hairline lowering procedures, Dr. Champagne considers many factors including a great variety of patterns, hair textures, densities, colors, and scalp laxity, all of which are elements that involve certain modifications in an individual plan to obtain an optimal result. He will then discuss and design a strategy with each individual to in order to create the best method for transplantation.

From there, Dr. Champagne will examine and measure transplant areas to determine quality, density, and texture of your hair as well as the number of grafts that will be required for desirable results. During your consultation, Dr. Champagne will also discuss your reasons for wanting hair transplantation and what your expectations are in terms of appearance after the procedure.  You will even have the opportunity to design your own eyebrows along with guidance from Dr. Champagne.

To learn more, please contact Dr. Jason Champagne to schedule a personalized, confidential consultation where Dr. Champagne will address your goals and answer any questions you may have regarding eyebrow hair transplantation or any other procedures we offer.

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