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5 Cosmetic Procedures That Can Change Your Face Shape

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Injectable filler

Fillers are the right pick when you want to augment the midface and lateral cheek, explains Dr. Bassiri-Tehrani, adding that this is often the choice for those with oval faces. “Building up the upper cheek helps to create that heart-shaped tapering from top to bottom,” he explains. Dr. Jason Champagne, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, adds that he also relies on fillers for those who have weak jawlines that need to be enhanced. He uses hyaluronic acid options as well as Radiesse, injecting them deep along to bone in order to build up the jawline and make it more prominent.

Chin implant

Dr. Champagne says chin augmentation is the most popular type of implant surgery he performs. “People envision themselves having a stronger chin more than anything else, and many are, in fact, deficient in this area,” he explains. A chin implant will effectively elongate the chin, turning an oval or round face into more of a heart shape, he adds. And while filler is an alternative, an implant ultimately offers both more projection and structure. In many cases, you’d need an exorbitant amount of filler in order to achieve what you could with an implant, not to mention that the viscous, gel-like consistency of filler doesn’t have the same type of firmness, he explains. The other advantages a surgical augmentation has over injectables? Permanence as well as consistency. “With filler, you’re going to get a slightly different end result every time, whereas an implant will always look the same,” he says.

Chin implant

It may seem slightly counterintuitive to talk about the neck when discussing face shape, but it’s an overlooked factor worthy of consideration. “People complain about their chin and point to the submental area, which is actually a part of the neck,” says Dr. Champagne. 

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